Aminalon® (a.k.a. GABA) (250 pills x 100 mg)

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Aminalon® (a.k.a. GABA) (250 pills x 100 mg)

Aminalon® (a.k.a. gamma-Aminobutyric acid, γ-Aminobutyric acid, GABA) works to replace the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter which is usually otherwise produced by the mammalian central nervous system in a healthy person. It acts on inhibitory synapses in the human brain by binding with specific transmembrane receptors of the plasma membrane of the pre- and postsynaptic neuronal processes. Thus is it improves the blood flow to the brain and helps it clean out the toxic substances to regenerate, repair and heal better. It is prescribed by doctors for its effective antihypoxic and anticonvulsive effect.

This medicine helps in improving the process of consumption of glucose by the patient’s brain, thereby also reducing the content of glucose in the body. This is extremely useful for patients of diabetes as it does not further degrade the pre-existing illness while treating a new condition. It also helpful in improving the condition of children suffering from cerebral paralysis. It can also help reduce blood pressure and decrease the symptoms related to it, like dizziness, lack of balance, insomnia etc. It stimulates the brain functions and prevents it from degeneration hence it is excellent for people susceptible to such diseases. In a healthy person it helps the brain function better. For more information please visit: or

Package & Dosage

It comes in a white and orange cardboard box with a dark glass bottle which has a white cap. The cap must be screwed on tight and the bottle kept away from direct sunlight as the formula can be damaged in contact with strong light, heat, air or moisture. It has to be consumed orally with water. The recommended dosage varies between 250 mg and 3000 mg depending on the condition and age of the patient.


Storage in a dry place at room temperature is recommended (DO NOT exceed 25° C). Keep away from direct sunlight and in unreachable place for children.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product we cannot accept returns. However, if the parcel is lost or held by customs we will issue 100% refund or ship you another similar package totally charge free!