Ladasten® (a.k.a. Bromantan, Bromantane) (50 pills x 50 mg)

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Ladasten® (a.k.a. Bromantan, Bromantane) (50 pills x 50 mg)

Ladasten® (a.k.a. Bromantan, Bromantane) is an antiasthenic drug, which is prescribed because of its potent and highly effective activating, immunostimulating, anxiolytic and actoprotective effects which provide a great stimulation to the overall physical and mental performance and capabilities to perform. It is prescribed by doctors in the treatment of conditions like asthenic, anxious-asthenic disorders and neurasthenia. It works by increasing the release of dopamine from presynaptic terminals, blocking the dopamine re-uptake and also biosynthesis strengthening thus it shows a positive impact on the learning and retention abilities in a person and hence is also great for people struggling with memory or showing early signs of degeneration of the brain tissues. Even though it stimulates the brain to function better, it also offers a relaxing effect since it is non exhaustive, which means that it does not consume additional oxygen, hence the process of oxidation is not increased either.

This drug is also known to provide a boost the immune system, reduce fatigue, increases muscle strength and mass and reduces overall anxiety. Therefore, it is highly effective for those looking to build strength, especially to fight stressful situations at work and improve their performing capabilities to rise up the ladder. Since it is not exhaustive one does not crash at the end of the day which is a huge advantage of this medicine. For more information please visit: or

Package & Dosage

It comes in a thin white cardboard pack with the name written distinctly in blue and white with a leaflet inside. It has 2 strips with 25 pills in each strip, 50 mg each. These pills need to be taken once per day or twice, which is 100 mg per day.


Storage in a dry place at room temperature is recommended (DO NOT exceed 25° C). Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in place unreachable for children.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product we cannot accept returns. However, if the parcel is lost or held by customs we will issue 100% refund or ship you another similar package totally charge free!