Nootropil® (a.k.a. Nootropyl, Nootrop, Noostan, Piracetam, Breinox, Dinagen)

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Nootropil® (a.k.a. Nootropyl, Nootrop, Noostan, Piracetam, Breinox, Dinagen)

Nootropil® (a.k.a. Nootropyl, Nootrop, Noostan, Piracetam, Breinox, Dinagen) is a nootropic medicine which is highly effective in improving the blood flow to the brain. This medicine is prescribed by doctors to influence the patient’s neuronal and vascular functions as well as cognitive function without exhibiting any sedative or stimulant side effect. Since it is is a positive allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptor it is used to improve the cognitive faculties, memory and concentration. It is excellent for people suffering from low information retention owing to age or other reasons of loss of memory. Hence it is highly effective in treating memory loss due to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc in geriatric patients as well as in patients showing early symptoms of these conditions. It can also be used to improve and regain memory faster in cases of memory loss caused due to stroke, trauma or injury, alcoholism etc.

This medicine can also be administered to healthy people to boost their retention capacity in order for them to perform better in their academic or professional lives. It is also used to aid younger patients with learning disabilities as well as other conditions like dyslexia, ADHD etc so that they can retain and perform better in their academic life. Since it helps in improvement of memory, it also helps in the overall improvement of the quality of life and brings about confidence, especially for patients of Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia, short time memory loss, amnesia etc. For more information please visit:


Storage in a dry place at room temperature is recommended (DO NOT exceed 25° C). Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in place unreachable for children.

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