Phenotropil® (a.k.a. Fenotropil, Carphedon, Phenylpiracetam) (10 - 30 Pills x 100 mg)

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Phenotropil® (a.k.a. Fenotropil, Carphedon, Phenylpiracetam) (10 - 30 Pills x 100 mg)

Phenotropil® (a.k.a. Fenotropil, Carphedon, Phenylpiracetam) is a nootropic medicine which exhibits antiamnesic, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties. Developed at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Biomedical Problems, this medicine shows huge impact on the functioning of the Russian cosmonauts who were otherwise under extreme pressure owing to their work schedules. It improves the overall health and functioning of the brain which in turn, ensures a better functioning of the body and a sharp and alert mind. This is prescribed by doctors to geriatric patients who show rapid or unusually high degeneration to slow down the aging of the brain and ensure a healthier life. It is also sometimes prescribed to people who exhibit early signs of aging and degradation of their brain processes.

This medicine has shown an extremely positive effect on metabolism, blood circulation and overall stamina hence it is useful in treating patients showing metabolic and vascular cerebral disorders, brain function disorders, obesity, depression, convulsions etc, improving better coordination and physical stamina as well. It also stimulates the integrative activity of the human brain, thereby consolidating memory, improving concentration and increasing the capacity of greater mental work. Therefore it is also excellent for hangovers and general lethargy. It is also effective in bringing about an improvement in learning ability hence it is highly useful for people who have stressful work schedules. By increasing the transmission of information between the cerebral hemispheres with its stimulation on the neutrotransmitters, it also increases the resistance of the brain tissues to hypoxia or poisonous actions. For more information please visit: 


Storage in a dry place at room temperature is recommended (DO NOT exceed 25° C). Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in place unreachable for children.

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